Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stories we tell our kids!

This has been an extra long week with the girls..especially with my 5 year old!  I have quickly realized that her will power and stamina is greater than mine!  Thanks to facebook, I had a hysterical talk with other moms about the tricks of the trade for raising strong willed kids.  One mom had told me that she actually had convinced her daughter that the candy machines were filled with dog treats!
Anyway, tonite my oldest has CCD so I play the game of how to keep my youngest occupied without her sister.  One of our favorite things to do is at Exeter Pubic Library...they have Sleepytime Story time from 7 until 7:30.  Tonite they will also have the character Biscuit along for the story.  The kids can have their pj's on and then home for bed!
One warning...there is a drawing at the end of the storytime!  My daughter usually loses her mind and has to be carried out screaming, so needless to say we leave before the drawing!!!e
Hope to see some of you tonite...and let me know any things you have told your kids to help you through your day!!!

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